the information age

It is information which has empowered individuals to be all that they can be in life, it is information which determines your successes and failures, it is information that guides leaders and the average citizen in their decision making, it is information which also have influences on our emotions and our mental well being. Information is a lot like water. It sounds like a poor comparison but think about it. It both serves many purposes. Some purposes are good where it is beneficial to ones well being and health, and some are bad where it can bring death, destruction and chaos. Both can be consumed and both can be used for good and evil. We are presently in the information age where people have greater access to information. Therefore information plays a vital role in today’s society.  And does not libraries consist of information? If is does then that means libraries can play a big part in this information age. Technology should know it’s rightful place. What I mean by this is technology/I.T. should be like an assistant. My idea of I.T. is that it should be used to facilitate functions and services in both the workplaces and in our personal lives. Technology like the internet have done a great job in doing what libraries are supposed to be doing but I personally think libraries should step up and know that they were initially the “information masters” and I.T. was created to serve. In these times we should have not just librarians but high tech librarians because if libraries grow together with technology I believe in the future any type of information someone wants can be efficiently accessed anywhere, anyplace, anytime. I believe if libraries utilize and integrate its services and functions appropriately, efficiently and effectively with technology this can be a huge breakthrough for libraries and the evolution of information. Maybe with I.T. and library combined this can accidentally create some sort of powerful information system.


2 thoughts on “the information age

  1. infobloomer March 16, 2014 at 4:47 pm Reply

    Yes, the amount of information on the World Wide Web is staggering. As you said, information has empowered individuals and librarians would indeed need to be ‘high tech’. To add to this, I am thinking that they also need to, exercise community relation skills and be teachers of information literacy to empower individuals in this vast sea of information.

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